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It's not news that Bayer, the venerable German drug company, made its first fortunes in the late 1890s when it commercialized both aspirin and heroin as cough, cold and pain remedies.

Many people have seen the sepia images of vintage Bayer's "Heroin" brand medicine bottles.

But it's less widely known that Bayer promoted heroin for use in suffering from coughs, colds and "irritation" as late as 1912, according to an anti-Bayer watchdog group.

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The children's campaign ran in Spanish newspapers, according to the Coalition Against Bayer Dangers, a longtime company gadfly, which unearthed the forgotten images two days ago.

One ad, urging the use of "Heroina" to treat bronchitis in kids, shows two unattended children reaching for a bottle of the opiate across a kitchen table.

Another shows a mom spoon feeding it to her sickly little girl.

"La tos desaparece," the ad says -- "the cough disappears": Heroin was restricted to prescription-only use in the U. in 1914 and eventually banned by the nascent FDA altogether in 1924, except under very strict medical conditions.

Sure, it's a blast from the past that says nothing about Bayer's corporate culture today.

But their sudden re-appearance is a chilling reminder of what life was like in the early 20th Century when companies were permitted to sell anything to anyone, no matter how dangerous, regardless of the consequences."What a Waste" by Ian Dury and the Blockheads, "Spinning Wheel" by Dr.Lonnie Smith, "Dance of the Knights" by Sergei Prokofiev and "Sunshower" by Dr. The line "A Tribe Called Quest" is spoken by the British radio DJ Pete Tong.Tribe Called Quest rapper Phife Dawg has stated that because of the use of the "Walk on the Wild Side" sample, the group didn't receive any money from the single, with Lou Reed instead claiming the profits.The music video, directed by Jim Swaffield, features A Tribe Called Quest and various others, including members of De La Soul, literally kicking the word "it" while rapping in a film set, an alley, and a construction site.On the film set, they are seen playing with the dot for the "i" in "it".


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