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This study investigated the following variables for their unique and combined contributions to dating aggression: exposure to aggression in the family of origin (witnessing interparental aggression or being the victim of aggressive parenting); attitudes justifying dating aggression (when humiliated or in selfdefense); child-to-parent aggression; child sexual abuse; violent sexual victimization; alcohol use; and socioeconomic status.

One hundred and eleven male and 179 female undergraduates reported on their own aggressive behaviors directed toward dating partners.

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Exposure to interparental aggression plus the product between exposure and humiliation contribute to the prediction of males' dating aggression but exposure does not play a role in females' dating aggression.

Violent sexual victimization contributes unique variance to both males' and females' dating aggression.

If you’re like me, you’re wary of online dating sites.

Face to face interactions are just so much more robust.

And with its game mechanics (“Add a picture to increase your profile to get to 25% completion!

”) I couldn’t resist but enter my basic information (Asian), then start filling out match questions (“Right now, are you happy with life?”), submit personal details (“What’s the most private thing you’re willing to share?Online, body language is invisible; response times delayed; spontaneity manufactured.And the pictures and descriptions – they (ick) might not even be the real person. 5 days ago, an acquaintance of mine, who’s 25, convinced me of the viability of this new medium of guy-girl interactions: “Everyone’s on it now.There’s no stigma anymore.” And, she noted, did you know that 20% of all relationships now start…online? Making a profile on Ok Cupid was easier and more efficient than signing up for Google, Facebook, or Twitter.I was literally inside its not-so-walled-off ecosystem in 20 seconds.


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