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It’s an age-old story of star-crossed lovers—cruelly kept apart by family, society, class... Game day weekend is a tough time for cross-Ivy couples, and in an attempt to remove the stigma, I'm laying it all on the table. Sure, I’m perfectly willing to own up to my liaison with the enemy, but it’s just a lot easier on all of us if it doesn’t have to be a whole big thing.

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A lot of people seem pretty confused about how our relationship works considering the bad blood.

It's unclear if those people have ever actually met a Yale or Harvard student before.

Yes, the famed rivalry makes for an exciting football game, some good jokes, t-shirt slogans and pranks, but at the end of the day we're all basically the same (and face it, most of us applied to Harvard too, and vice versa).

Of course it helps that both of us are generally low on school spirit and any apparent interest in sports.

I pretended to be a Harvard student once to get into a museum for free.

Yes, it was an affront to my sense of honor and identity. I have never actually thought about where our hypothetical kids will go to college.Actual questions I've been asked: "So would you be mad if your kid goes to Harvard? But they’re so soft and buttery and they have that cute little crest stamped into them and…yeah I suck, I know.I love visiting Cambridge New Haven has a special place in my heart, but man is Cambridge pretty.From bookstores to ice cream shops and even a scenic river, it pretty much has date night written all over it.And it doesn't hurt that all of Boston just a T stop or two away.Being 'rivals' doesn't really affect our relationship.


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