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Yahoo Messenger Through The Years Yahoo Messenger was launched in the late 1990s when the company's logo was still a classic serif "Y." For many years, Yahoo Messenger was only available through the desktop version for Mac, Windows and Linux.

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Yahoo announced Friday, June 10, that it will be ending its old Messenger desktop client on August 5 in order to focus its efforts on the application's new version.

Called the "legacy" Yahoo Messenger, it will be replaced by a newer platform that works on smartphones and the Web.

Furthermore, the company will be discontinuing its Yahoo Recommends feature beginning September 1.

Shifting Efforts As of writing, downloads of the legacy Yahoo Messenger are no longer available.

After August 5, users will not be able to access, log in or send messages on the old version or any third-party clients.

In December 2015, the company announced a brand new Yahoo Messenger for mobile and Yahoo Mail on desktop.

The new Yahoo Messenger is supported by i OS and Android.

Although Yahoo tried to provide basic interoperation between its legacy platform and the new Messenger, the company urges users to transfer to the new version.


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