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Police department lawyers initially attempted to deny the Daily Beast access to a warrant before admitting none had been issued. Update: A new video of the Alton Sterling shooting, which appears to show both of Sterling’s hands empty, was released to The Daily Beast on Wednesday afternoon.The video, which is extremely graphic, shows the moments before and after Sterling was shot, and at least the first of several gunshots.

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A graphic video of a Black man shot and killed by police in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, is causing outrage across America.

Alton Sterling, 37, was shot by police outside a convenience store early on Tuesday morning.

A graphic mobile phone video of the incident shows two police officers wrestling a man in a red shirt to the ground in front of a parked car. ” One of the officers pulls what appears to be a weapon from a holster and points it at the man on the ground.

Update: The Alton Sterling case took a twist today as a Daily Beast investigation revealed that police confiscated surveillance video without warrant or permission.

Triple S Mart owner Abdullah Muflahi’s attorney told the website that the police took a hard drive containing surveillance footage showing the lead-up and aftermath of Baton Rouge Police Department Officers Blane Salamoni and Howie Lake shooting and killing Alton Sterling.“All that’s left of the storage unit [in which the hard drive was kept] is a sole barren wire,” the Daily Beast writes.

“That wire went out to surveillance cameras on the front of the building.One of the cameras would have had a direct line of sight to where Sterling was standing when he was tasered, tackled, shot and killed by police.”Muflahi was able to record cell phone video and was immediately detained by police in the back of the squad car following the pair of officers tasering, tackling, shooting, and killing Alton Sterling. Muflahi’s lawyer is drafting a motion to have the hard drive returned without alterations.Update: According to an affidavit filed by a Baton Rouge detective for a search warrant, officers apparently observed Alton Sterling reaching for the gun in his front pocket before shooting and killing him.reports that though the report's details are spare, they provide the first police account of their motivation for shooting and killing Sterling.So far, authorities have remained silent on the killing, citing the Department of Justice's investigation.Both videos of the incident have shown Sterling restrained on the ground prior to his death.


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