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Recent research shows most mental health issues are the result of a genetic predisposition coupled with a triggering event. In other words, neither you nor I have to agree that a given incident causes addiction, depression, or anxiety—it's all relative. Best-case scenario: if you have a genetic predisposition, avoid the triggering event.

The question is, can we avoid external pressures that may cause anxiety?

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One of my students, let's call him "B," wrote a joke about Crips and Bloods, which are rival gangs in his neighborhood.

His premise: ice cream trucks naming flavors that resonate with kids from his neighborhood. As a 16-year-old boy living in an area with high gang activity, B is threatened by gang members on a daily basis. No, but he doesn't have to be overtaken by anxiety. by making it funny allows him to laugh at the snap judgments born out of prejudice.

Another student, "D," talks about "hating second dates because that's when you have to meet the parents." D talks about picking up his girlfriend only to have her father say she can't go out with him. D is able to normalize his experience and put it in the past as a humorous event.

As a woman, it's hard not to feel like there is an unspoken and horribly outdated contract when a man takes me out on a date—this defunct notion that the more money he spends on me, the more obligated I feel to have sex with him.

Intellectually, I realize having sex is never an obligation; it is a subjective choice.

Emotionally, I dread a possible negative reaction if sexual activity is not the outcome of our date.

The act of dating triggers my anxiety, so I wrote a joke about it:"A guy thinks if he picks us up in a nice car, buys us a meal, and takes us to a show he is actually upping his chances for getting laid. We decide if you're getting laid way before the date begins.

We decide if you're getting laid while we are putting our underwear on.

If we're wearing the granny panties up to our waist and the bra with the safety pin that holds the whole apparatus together we don't care where you take us, what you feed us or what you drive us in, we are not having sex. and remind myself that I am in control of the situation, which helps the experience seem less daunting.

But if we're wearing that thong thing up our butt all evening, honey, you can take us to a tractor pull. I believe we can ameliorate or eradicate anxiety and depression by shifting their worldview, otherwise known as an individual's perspective of the world.

You are getting screwed."Sexual tension is a common cause of anxiety. I am teaching stand-up comedy to at-risk teenage boys.


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