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It can lead to feelings of anger and partner blame that can destroy a relationship.

Many people are willing to accept the risk of STD infection to be with someone they care about,.

However, that's far more likely to be true when they've been given the chance to make an informed choice. Such feelings of deception can exist even when no one was intentionally misled.

Then you have to openly discuss your screening results with one another. You can't rely on hoping a person knows their results.

And you can't rely on being able to identify someone as looking as though they might be safe.

Assuming that you'd know if your partner had an STD, or that they'd know themselves, is a recipe for anger and heartbreak.In contrast, taking responsibility for your own health, helps you reduce your risk of acquiring an STD. That means undergoing regular screening, talking to your partner about their screening history, and practicing safe sex.Furthermore, it's important to realize that people can spread STDs even in the absence of symptoms.It's thought, for example, that a large proportion of the people who are infected with genital herpes were exposed by people who had no idea they had the virus.This is also true for other conditions, including syphilis, chlamydia, and HIV.The truth is that the only way for you to know if you or your partner has an STD is to get screened.


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