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The first thing to do when you sign up to matchaffinity is take a comprehensive Affinity Questionnaire.

It’s advertised as a unique psychometric test and basically means you’ll answer all kinds of questions, ranging from those that bring out your character traits to the more obscure where you choose between different pictures or images that might show what your thoughts and feelings are on a more subconscious level.

Set aside around 15-30 minutes for the initial personality test when you sign up.

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That said, it isn’t just a bunch of random questions that someone came up with during their lunch hour – according to matchaffinity, the test has been put together by an expert group of psychologists specialised in psychometrics and the dynamics of human relationships.

There are around one hundred questions covering 71 different psychological criteria from fundamental values to views on family life.

As an added bonus, all members also get a comprehensive personality report.

All reports are stored within the matchaffinity databases and compared against each other, so that your values, your outlook on life and unique personality traits get to be weighed up against those of a possible partner.

You don’t want to waste any more time on people who have nothing to offer or add to your life.

One thing to be aware of before you sign up though – Match Affinity is expensive!

Especially if you’re only thinking of joining for a month, it’s only when you get to the six and twelve month subscriptions that it starts becoming competitive.

In practical terms this means that the system gives you a similarity percentage between you and every other member in the matchaffinity community.

This helps you pre-screen those members that might be more similar to you in their way of thinking before you have any contact with them.

So – no more unpleasant surprises when that cute guy or sexy girl turns out to be just another pretty face with no brains to match yours.

Looks are important, sure – but no lasting relationship can be based on them alone.

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