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I also don’t care for the often ridiculous excuses people come up with for blatant plot holes and plot devices.

Headcanon: I've got a few things that are the same in all my Harry Potter stories, even though the exact details may vary between the different stories:- Wards exist.

The idea that there are no permanent magical defenses makes no sense.

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Harry Potter I am focusing on Harry Potter fanfiction, since that series has a lot of potential, despite the gaping plot holes in canon.

At the same time though, that’s why I don’t care much about following canon.

When I write, I pick and choose from canon what fits, and generally ignore what doesn’t fit a particular story - regardless if it’s from the books, the movies or Pottermore.

Important for me is that the story works out, not that canon has been followed.

I’ve started reading fanfiction in the 90s, back when I discovered the fanfiction mailing list (FFML).

I’ve joined in 2010, but I only started writing myself in 2014. That means that questions posed in anonymous reviews will not be answered.

I generally write every scene from the point of view of a character.

That means there is no reliable narrator in my stories.

Afterwards the Wizarding Countries were not always - or not at all - affected by changes in the muggle ones.

There's no Magical United States of America, for example.

Magical Germany wasn't united in 1871 - or at all.- Veela are an all-female race, breeding with humans.


  1. The Mc Cartney couple came to Fairmont in 1994 to launch Linda’s line of vegetarian TV dinners.

  2. The human immunodeficiency virus aka HIV has become one of the most dreaded diseases of all time.

  3. These techniques have now revealed many of the texts on its surfaces and even much of the inscription which was buried inside the remaining fragments, as a result of damage during and after the shipwreck.

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