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This tool downloads all the patches as per your selection and stores in a folder, which will contain an executable to update any PC () offline.

Not only that before updating it also detects that what already had been updated and more of it, the tool downloads updates in incremental ways, so that every time the folder will keep on growing to catch up the new updates.

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Chances are (for most WSUS installations which are not integrating with something more complex, like SCCM), these settings are the best-practice anyway. Furthermore, I have not updated the document for WSUS 3.0 SP2 since I haven’t been working with it lately.

But—as with all my posts here—please feel free to drop me a note to let me know of any errors, suggestions, or otherwise. Microsoft Windows Server Update Services can be used to help keep control of your Windows network patching.

It is free and relatively easy to use, but a bit of attention should be paid to a few points of the setup to avoid problems.

Windows Server Update Services (WSUS) is one of the best solution for your all such worries.

If you are running a setup of at least 50 PCs then you sure must be knowing about WSUS already and if you not or thought that its too hard to implement then its about time to take note of it.

What’s next in my post is nothing special that most of smart admins might not been knowing about, but I thought to make a step by step guide over WSUS from the resources already available over internet.

Offline updates solution: Autopatcher: When you talk about updating few PCs just built up and installed, then the best tool that strikes me is Autopatcher.

We all know that Windows updates are important for security and functionality of our Windows PCs and we all want to keep our systems updated.

But at the same time, people on volume limited internet plans also blame these windows updates running in background for escalated data usages, specially if we are running many systems and want to keep all of them updated.

Sometimes we think that why are we downloading the same updates for each of the PC separately?

Or feel that its really hard to keep track of what’s got updated and what’s not?


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