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"More and more hotels are finding ways to help solo travelers have great experiences," Christine Sarkis, senior editor of website Smarter Travel, told TODAY."For instance, many smaller, independent hotels offer activities like culinary and walking tours that solo travelers can sign up for if they want to join a group of like-minded travelers.And lobby happy hours, game rooms and other communal spaces offer easy ways to meet others as well." RELATED: Booking that 2016 trip?

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"Traveling is a great way to fall in love and a pivotal test of a relationship.

When we go on holiday we're often taken out of our comfort zone, in an unfamiliar place experiencing situations we often do not encounter.

How we deal with these situations with a partner is a sure way of determining compatibility.

And at the Zemi Beach House Resort & Spa in Anguilla, each solo hotel guest has access to a personal guide throughout his or her stay who suggests fun social activities on the property such as cocktail parties, communal dinners and rum tastings.

RELATED: Discount airfare site Skypicker offers travelers new ways to find cheap flights While these programs are meant for more impromptu and casual meetings with other solo travelers, an app named Miss Travel, released over the summer, helps match its members around the world who are seeking travel companions.

Complete strangers can organize and book trips together before ever meeting.

"Just like any other dating app, our main goal is to create romantic connections between our members," Hannahmae Dela Cruz, public relations manager for Miss Travel told us.

With all of the dating websites and apps available, being able to find a prospective date has never been easier.

But even though we're more digitally connected than ever, more and more people may be jumping on a new dating trend to find a different kind of connection: traveling.


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