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When I got divorced nearly a decade ago, online dating was still associated with creepy geeks who spend more time in Second Life than in real life.

That wasn’t (entirely) true in 2005, and it’s even less true today.

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Even the fancy algorithms of online dating sites can’t predict chemistry.

But it turns out that a bit of personal data analysis can make a huge difference when looking for love online.

A woman who went through a difficult divorce in 2013 has a Tumblr called “Quantified Breakup” where she illustrates some of the measurable effects of the breakup — like texts to friends, retail therapy spending, and instances of crying in public.

She measures the presence of “sparks” by the number of text messages exchanged.

This great animated visualization illustrates what happened when she met a guy she’s into.

He’s the sixth person she has met, and she exchanged a total of 1,249 texts with him over about a month.The most she exchanged with any previous date was 41.Quantified Self data is most interesting when it reveals a process or transformation.Turning her grief into infographics not only helps her process her emotions, but it also reveals that she is getting better over time.Now her blog focuses on how she’s moving on: the awkward and surreal world of dating.Like the majority of people who do online dating, she’s not interested in most of the men she meets, and vice versa.


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