Whos ashanti dating

And to be fair, sexual innuendo has been used in country music from very early on to circumvent the genre’s rigid moral codes, and sometimes to instill smart wit in the lyricism.

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But using “the” makes no mistake about what is being implied (keep it simple for FGL fans, I guess).

Even if you’re a fan of perverted innuendo, there still seems to be something universally unhealthy about alluding to male genitalia as “pink” anything, though admittedly the hue is somewhat accurate.

Even more troubling is that a female was in on the “Sun Daze” songwriting session in the person of Sarah Buxton.

One would have thought she would have put the stop sign up on this one, but no dice.

25 times, including multiple times as “good good.” The only word they use more is “girl”—used a whopping 42 times.

We all know artists don’t make much money from albums anymore, so they have to make their money someway right?

Find out what your favorite celeb charges (and barely charge) for an appearance when you read on…Celebs are now requesting ridiculous amounts of money to make public appearances these days. ) for an appearance, Nicki Minaj needs ,000 to spit her bubblegum raps on the mic and The O Jays want at least ,000 for some oldies but goodies.

“Brian Kelley and Tyler Hubbard have their own language, partial to the most grammatically-challenged and stupefying vocabulary lurking in the dankest sewers of the English dialect, but not residing firmly in any specific one of them so no truly proper translation can be obtained.

It’s like Pig Latin for douchewads understood by them and them only.” So please understand if certain translations could be interpreted a different way.

To save virgin eyes, medical terms have been used where possible.

But of course, some language can only be properly translated by using other slang words.

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