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Not only did Higgins reportedly give up a promotion at work to stay on the reality show, but he also nipped his relationship in the bud with Molzahn.

An insider explained that Ben and Tenley are very cautious about their relationship, as they don't want to it ruin their current projects. An insider explained to Us Weekly, that despite the relationship getting hot and heavy, the couple had to play it cool, as to not affect their jobs.

Higgins, a.k.a Ben H, was known by fans as the charming Denver-based software engineer who seemed to be the perfect gentleman: especially amid the constant fighting between fellow contestants Shawn Booth and Nick Viall.

A fan favorite, he was the obvious choice to be the star of the new However, despite having said in the past that he is “not extremely comfortable with the attention,” Higgins seems to have taken to his new life in the spotlight, and is not letting anything get in his way.

According to reports, not only did he turn down a promotion at work to stay on the reality show, he also pulled the plug on a budding romance with Tenley Molzahn, a serial reality show contestant who appeared on Jake Pavelka’s season of .

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As Radar has reported, Bristowe was in a similar situation prior to starring in , engaging in a flirty text relationship with Viall.

Not wanting to lose out on what their relationship could become, Viall would go on to join the cast in week four, much to the dismay of fellow contestants.

However, whether Molzahn will follow in Viall’s footsteps remains to be seen.

alum that could jeopardize his involvement with the show.

It's being reported that his flirtation with Tenley Molzahn, runner up from Jake Pavelka's season, might come in the way of his new job.

According to Radar Online, the new season, which is scheduled to premiere in January and begin shooting in the coming months, might already have its lead in Ben.

However, the star has given up a lot to maintain his space in the spotlight.


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