Who is savannah guthrie dating now

A representative for the Today Show supposedly told Gossip Cop these new allegations are completely false.Also, Savannah recently became engaged to her long time boyfriend Mike Feldman. In 2006 it was reported Matt had an affair with Natalie Morales when they covered the Olympics in Turin, Italy. She decided to retract her divorce petition a month later.In 2008 it was reported Matt fathered Natalie’s second child.

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published this week a sensational — and false — story about Matt Lauer and his “Today” co-anchor Savannah Guthrie, claiming the colleagues are in the midst of a “cheating scandal.” According the tab, the pair “got dangerously close after they first met five years ago, then dialed their relationship back,” but “now eyebrows are being raised behind the scenes as their connection heats up again.” “Industry insiders have been buzzing about Matt and Savannah again,” a “source” tells .

The mag’s supposed tipster explains, “[Lauer’s wife] Annette was devastated when she learned about her husband’s interest in Savannah all those years ago; now she has new worries as whispers grow about them getting flirty again.” That’s right — in a sad attempt to make current drama where there is none.

“Sparks really flew between Matt and Savannah when they first met,” claims the outlet’s so-called “source,” who alleges that the pair “developed a real, intimate chemistry” but “cooled things off” after Guthie took over Ann Curry’s job last year.

Today show anchor Matt Lauer is no stranger to infidelity rumors. It is being reported Matt is cheating on his wife Annette, this time with his co-anchor Savannah Guthrie.

Show Biz Spy quoted Debbie “The Finks are family friends of mine, so I asked Matt as a favor to have lunch with Lucie, because she’s pursuing a career in journalism.

In my 30 years working with Matt, I have seen him mentor and help countless young journalists and broadcasters.He has always been incredibly generous with his time and advice.” When the same rumor keeps resurfacing it means there may be some truth to be told.Annette also threatened divorce a second time if Natalie was hired for the open co-anchor spot on Today.There were reports in 2010 that Matt cheated with two women while covering the Vancouver Olympics.This summer Matt was accused of being interested in Lucie Fink, a student at Johns Hopkins University.They met through Today show senior producer Debbie Kosofski, who is a friend of Lucie’s father.


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