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When you get in a relationship, that stops, and it gets boring. Born Hollin Sue Cullen on 23rd December, 1979 in Astoria, Oregon, USA, she is famous for The Girls Next Door in a career that spans 2003–present.

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We were on this Greek island and I said, 'Take me to the airport'.

But we got there by boat and the taxi driver turned round and went, 'There's no airport'."But now the dust has settled, Kyle described Holly as his "best mate" and said: "We're better as friends. When we were in a relationship, we weren't nice to be around – people didn't enjoy our company."And Holly added: "We're a lot better than we've ever been.

Obviously, we don't spend a lot of time together any more, but when we do see each other, we've kind of got that bit of flirtiness back.

Absolutely no-one."Kyle added: "She had a support system. [The boys] got sick of talking about me and Holly, so they decided they didn't want to talk about it any more.

So they fell out with me.""There was one point when we only had each other and we were like, 'Eh? "We were sitting on the side of a boat like, 'What the f**k? "Meanwhile, Aaron Chalmers and Gary Beadle told Digital Spy that Kyle had been "lying" ("He would tell the girls one thing and the guys another and Holly another," Gary explained), and Charlotte Crosby said: "Holly and I really drifted apart in Greece.

I think everyone will agree, she changed into a different person. She was trying to be someone who she wasn't for Kyle."In fact, Holly revealed that she didn't enjoy anything about filming in Greece, while Kyle said: "I did have some good times in Greece, but I also had some f**king shit times. I had to break up with her on TV and it was absolutely horrible."So is it any surprise that they both tried to go home?

"I wanted to leave every single day – I just wasn't allowed," Holly said.

stars Holly Hagan and Kyle Christie have revealed that they had broken up before the new series was filmed - but MTV asked them to stay together for the show. We were on the verge of splitting up before we went to Greece, but because we'd left the series before so happy, MTV wanted us to go back in as that happy couple.

The new series - which was filmed in Greece - kicks off tonight, but the duo revealed that they're not looking forward to watching it."We were just in a really bad place," Holly told Digital Spy. So we tried, and we failed."It wasn't because we didn't love each other or didn't fancy each other - it was just too much, too soon. When we got back from Greece, we got back together for a little bit and started seeing each other again, but then we realised that while's on, we can't be together. And if there's any chance of us ever getting together when the show's over, we need to stop now."But Holly admitted that she still had some hope that the romance would work out, saying: "I think in the back of my head I did still have that thought in my head, that I still really wanted it to work out.

I just kept thinking that one day he was going to turn round and say he'd made a massive mistake.

But he never did."To make matters worse, Holly and Kyle fell out with their friends, as Holly explained: "There was one point where me and Kyle were arguing, me and Charlotte were arguing, and I literally felt like I had no-one.


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