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When Carl’s affair started with Erykah Badu while they were working on Black Dynamite his wife was there working by his side to provide for their family clueless as to what was going on between the two.

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Her boyfriend “Carl Jones” sits around and tries to bash his wife after he basically abandoned her and his kids, but takes care of Erykah Badu kids.

He is failing to realize that she was the one who was there when he was in Greensboro, NC selling black market movies on VHS and DVD.

Both Erykah and Carl are some dirty lowdown people, but it is okay because Karma is a bit**.

His wife didn’t deserve to be treated like that after all she has done for you.

January 9, 2016: Media Take told you guys that Erykah Badu is dating Black Dynamite producer Carl Jones . She knew he was married when she chose to seek out a relationship with him.

She smiled in his wife face saying that you have such a beautiful family all the time while secretly plotting to break up their home.

Her new boyfriend is a married man with three kids.

Here’s the ALLEGATIONS that his wife’s friend is levying at Erykah: Since you all want to post about Erykah Badu and her “new boyfriend” let me spill the real tea.

These days, it’s legendarily difficult to get André on a track.

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