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Their big break came when The Triumphs traveled to Cinncinatti to canvas King Records.

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is one of the founders and lead singers of the legendary R&B group, The O' Jays.

Known for his raspy voice and sexy moves, Eddie has a range that takes him from alto to second tenor. To add to his resume, Levert has written and produced many hits as well as mentoring his very successful sons Gerald and Sean who also became major forces in the music industry.

With a career that spans over 50 years, Eddie Levert has done and seen enough to write many books, one of which him and his late son Gerald have already completed (' I Got Your Back' pub. To understand Eddie Levert, you can start with the journey of the O' Jays and keep going because there is much more.

Eddie Levert was born June 16, 1942 in Bessemer, Alabama.

The O' Jays later signed with EMI-Manhattan Records and Levert and Williams began co-writing and producing their own tracks.

Their EMI debut album, “Let Me Touch You”, went to number three R&B and boasted "Lovin' You," the number one R&B hit from the summer 1987.

In 1984, Eddie saw a proud moments as his sons Gerald and Sean, both still in high school, announced that they wanted to follow their dad's footsteps and make their way in the music industry.

At the age of 6 Eddie moved to Canton, Ohio where he attended church regularly and joined the church choir and began his musical journey.

As Eddie continued singing into his teenage years he became a recognized voice in the church choir, sang in school plays and performed regularly on a gospel radio show.


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