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It looked like Common need a new is a backronym with various meanings, one of which happens to be “B-boy Elevation.” Common’s 2005 release was just that: an elevation and embrace towards his b-boy roots and essence of hip-hop.

Featuring production by fellow Chi-Towner Kanye West, as well as the late J Dilla, exemplified Common’s greatest strengths and was praised by not only his underground base of fans, but several others, particularly in the “underground scene”, as well.

It was a long time coming, but Common was finally able to achieve both artistic success as well as a substantial amount of commercial success.

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Common was seen having dinner with Laura Dern in Beverly Hills and now the two have been romantically linked.

Common and Dern have been dating and “getting to know each other” according to a new report from .

According to alum has already introduced the rapper to her two kids!

We'd imagine the actress' children got along quite nicely with the hitmaker, considering he has an 18-year-old of his own.

on 13th March, 1972 in Chicago, Illinois and educated at Luther High School South, Chicago, he is famous for I used to love H. Iam so much in love with her, though I have not seen her face to face unless her picures.Born and raised in the south side of Chicago, a city not particularly renowned in hip-hop lore, Common would grow to be a beacon of light not only in the Windy City, but throughout the world of hip-hop. The beef was soon put to rest by Louis Farrakhan himself.After leaving Florida A&M University, Lonnie Rashid Lynn, Jr. In 1991, the A beef between Common and Ice Cube soon ensued as the latter took offense to lyrics in "I Used to Love H. With his following two albums, , Common honed his craft of conscious hip-hop; in 2002, he switched it up a bit.Though still focusing on music with a message, Common created an experimental and quite gutsy album that drew from an eclectic mix of genres as well as supporting artists.The album was met with more criticism than praise, and many accused Common’s then-girlfriend Eryka Badu of diverting the emcee from his tried-and-true craft.

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