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I'm just going to pretend it's not happening."17: Oh, my gosh!

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The worst dates are always two things: 1.) the longest and 2.) the best stories to tell. So I was opening my hood and I was like, "Okay, I've got to make this happen. I had a tool kit in the back and I was working on it in a Jack in the Box parking lot.

The rule holds true even for supercute studs like Cody Linley. There was a guy standing there talking to himself and watching me.

Although he plays Jake Ryan, the cute actor and ideal boyfriend on real-life heartthrob Cody wishes he could do another take after one of his dates with actress/singer Demi Lovato. I'm like, "Okay, he must just really like cars, right?

I had an audition in downtown Hollywood, and after my audition, my car broke down in like the worst place.

And I was like, "Oh, oh, oh no," and she's like, "What's happening? She held the light for me and put in her car repair advice.17: Does she have a lot of repair advice? Demi's family actually let her stay out until 11 that night with me, even though she had to get up early for a 5 a.m. So, then we went to the grocery store and bought like toothpaste and tweezers and then I managed to get her home safely.

" I was like, "Nothing, it's all good." She's like, "Are you sure? C: Actually, she's kind of a technology geek in a way. I was really worried that my car was going to break down again, and then I got lost on my way home.I was trying to use my i Phone to see the engine, and she took my phone away, went to settings, and made the light brighter so I could see better.17: Aw, that's sweet! This is a long story, but eventually everything was okay. C: See, those are the dates that are the best because it was the most disastrous but fun date. A car breaks down, you go get steak, you go get tweezers.The car had to get professionally repaired the next day! It's pretty eventful when you go out on a date with Mr. Cody addresses rumors that he is dating Miley Cyrus!He also talks about Season 3 of Hannah Montana and asks YOU to vote for him on DANCING WITH THE STARS!!More info and gossip on and myspace.com/popstarmagazine!


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