Who is brian hallisay dating

"If it doesn't work out with Brian, then she can still be a mom one day." And if Hallisay wants to get engaged, Hewitt already has a list of potential engagement rings picked out.

"The Client List" star and her costar-beau Brian Hallisay welcomed their baby girl on Tuesday and also confirmed that they had tied the knot, her rep told Us Weekly. Nothing quite rolls off the tongue like "Jennifer Love Hewitt-Hallisay."The rep added that "Autumn James Hallisay was born on November 26."No word yet on the moniker's inspiration or additional birth details. "I'm going to get down and be cute again and then we'll be ready to go."Hewitt announced her pregnancy and subsequent engagement to Hallisay in June after the couple had been dating since 2012.

Being pregnant "is an awesome thing," Hewitt told People.

"It definitely has its moments where you're like, 'Oh my gosh this is crazy,' but it's been beautiful."The newlyweds initially met on the set of the short-lived NBC comedy "Love Bites." They later reconnected on Lifetime's "The Client List," in which Hallisay plays on-screen husband to Hewitt's double-life-leading call girl.

Lifetime canceled the show earlier this month after its two-season run because Hewitt's pregnancy reportedly contributed to a delay in third-season decision-making, Show Tracker reported.

Hewitt and Hallisay began dating 15 months ago after reconnecting on the set of their Lifetime show, and previously appeared together on the now-canceled NBC show, "Love Bites." Hewitt was previously engaged to actor Ross Mc Call, who she began dating in 2005, but broke it off in 2008.

Hewitt and Hallisay are both 34, and the actress has always been adamantly vocal about her desire to settle down, get married and have children.

"I would love to to have babies..day," Hewitt said in March that Hewitt was considering having her eggs frozen to prolong her fertility over the years, as she was allegedly afraid she would end up childless.

"[She] feels worried that she will end up single, since none of her relationships have been successful," the source said to the gossip magazine.

Show runners are said to have faced creative conflicts about the pregnancy's on-screen manifestation and who would father Hewitt's character's child in the series.

But Hewitt said she was excited about the "blessing" her first child would bring following her mother's death last year after a battle with cancer.

"I really feel like, while [her death has] been the most devastating blow to my heart and my spirit, something about this baby has been a gift from her," Hewitt recently told E! "It has somehow been able to replace incredible grief with incredible joy. As every day approaches, I ask myself a lot why is she not here for this? But I know she's out there and she's watching me and helping me and I'm going to be the best mother possible in her honor."ALSO: Kelly Clarkson 'super excited' about baby, predicts a girl Taylor Swift sings for Prince William at Kensington Palace gala Mario Batali, doomsday prepper?


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