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The veteran artists on the other hand are those artists from previous seasons who were close enough to the title of "Ink Master" but did not win.Dave Navarro, in the video, said that these veteran artists were those who felt that the title was taken away from them.In an International Business Times report, the new batch of tattoo artists were introduced, most of which were quite young in age or in the industry.

American reality television series "Ink Master" is returning for its seventh season on March 1 on Spike TV.

The upcoming season, according to a report in Enstarz, will be different from the previous ones because of its mechanics.

The competition will start off with eight new tattoo artists, but as a contestant gets eliminated, his or her spot will be taken over by a veteran tattoo artist, someone who has joined the show in its previous seasons.

According to the show's promotional trailer, the eight new artists are considered to be "the strongest new batch of artists" that the show has ever seen.

A long-lost gospel that casts Judas as a co-conspirator of Jesus, rather than a betrayer, was ruled most likely authentic in 2006.

Now, scientists reveal they couldn't have made the call without a series of far more mundane documents, including Ancient Egyptian marriage licenses and property contracts.The Gospel of Judas is a fragmented Coptic (Egyptian)-language text that portrays Judas in a far more sympathetic light than did the gospels that made it into the Bible.The IBT report also detailed that each week a returning artist will be introduced to the group, which means that the elimination challenge will likely pit them against someone with more experience than them.Aside from the judges, contestants will also be judged by the "human canvas" jury or those who have tattoos done on them by the contestants.The weakest tattoo for the challenge will face the judges.Returning as judges are musician Dave Navarro and tattoo artists Chris Nunez and Oliver Peck.

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