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At least doing some thing is much, much better than just reading about it 😀 First, a tiny intro: What happens when someone wears a mask? It’s obvious that everything behind the mask is not visible and everything else is visible. The Final Result of the tutorial is: Yeah, so it’s a glass that is behind some rocks but in front of the ocean. Now what if you make a mistake and hide part of the glass? Layer masks are not destructive so just change the color to WHITE and paint over the glass and it’ll magically reappear.

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This tutorial is for people who are just starting out Photoshop or for the people who have been using Photoshop but don’t know how to use Layer Masks.

The basics of Layer masks are incredibly simple but very powerful.

As always we’ll go over a simple tutorial that will quickly teach you how to use Layer Mask Basics.

I think that actually doing something is the best way to learn.

If you choose light gray then your glass will appear less transparent.

Just paint it gray in the areas where you want it to appear slightly transparent but not in the areas with the lemon slice and straws.

If you can’t make the transparent area look smooth (ie.

Step 3: Choose the layer with the glass and then click on the Layer Mask button. After clicking you’ll see something like this: There it is! Currently it is set to reveal all of the image, meaning that the mask is off and nothing is hidden (since it is revealing everything! Now after you have quickly erased everything that is not needed just zoom waaay in and with a small brush just fix up the edges so they look good.

Be sure to get that area in between that lemon slice 😀 .


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