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I am single, had one W-2 and a small amount of mortgage interest that didn't affect anything one way or the other and I received the 4464C letter.

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Good thing I have overdraft protection or I'd have been screwed! I was accepted on jan 28, 4464c on February 25, and have been impatiently waiting....coming....... I'm so put out with the Federal Government right now.

I've changed my withholding status so they'll be seeing less of my money throughout the year thereby not holding that much if this happens again. Before i received the letter i had to verify my identity then was told to wait 4-6 weeks from 2/5.

I called the irs 2 weeks ago & told that i will either get my refund by the 60th day or they will send another letter requesting verification or they will extend pass the 60 days. I filed my taxes back in Feb, got my refund a few weeks later.

Please see below for the description of the LTR 4464c form that you received: Letter 4464C, -R Freeze The taxpayers return was received and we are holding the refund until we complete a more thorough review. I filed 1/31, accepted same day, 2/10 it changed to processing.

The taxpayer isn't required to do anything at this time. Since then only message~ still processing.~ topic 152.

Called twice early part of March and advice of thorough review.Also told no letter has been sent and to wait until review is completed. The same thing happened last year but I think it's ridiculous because I filed the same credits last year.Child Tax, EIC, n American Lifetime Credit (school credit).I am convinced Turbo Tax software isn't the best method for filing.In the meantime, I growing impatience while waiting for IRS to complete my review and release my refund.#youarenotalone I, too, am starting to question the Turbo Tax program.

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