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Waterford Wedgwood has become the latest victim of the economic downturn.

The future of the historic crystal and pottery maker's 1,900 UK workers hung in the balance after it went into administration.

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Children's wear chain Adams shut its 111 shops with the loss of 850 jobs.

The remaining 160 Adams stores will remain open in the hope a buyer can be found.

Of Irish-owned Waterford Wedgwood's 1,900 UK workers, 170 work in its 19 shops and 600 are based at the Wedgwood factory in Barlaston, near Stoke-on-Trent.

Shoopers look for a bargain in the Wedgwood factory shop in Fenton, Stoke-On-Trent Local MP Rob Flello said the collapse was 'an absolute tragedy' for the area.

Going for a song: Wedgwood, a classic brand shattered by the economic downturn The failure of such an established name came on yet another grim day for the high street.

There are fears that up to 15 retailers will go bust by the end of the month.

Passion for Perfume went into administration blaming 'reduced consumer demand' for its range of fragrances.

Its 45 shops shut down immediately and nearly 200 workers lost their jobs.

Many staff are in their 40s and 50s and have spent their whole working lives with the company.

Waterford Wedgwood, owned by the Irish tycoon Sir Anthony O'Reilly and his brother-in-law Peter John Goulandris, had been struggling with a debt mountain of around £400million.

It was close to securing a sale to an unnamed American private equity firm but the deal could not be completed before a consortium of banks pulled the plug last week.


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