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I am wanting to make women aware of what this guy is doing. I Google search every photo and I copy and paste all suspicious text.

99% of the users are stolen photos and copied and pasted profiles from scamming sites. I deleted my account after 6 hours due to a flood of messages from guys checking out my profile.

I report all of these fake users and I am still flooded with them. After 6 hours I had about 35 messages in my inbox that kept coming. They act they have not seen or spoke to a woman in DECADES and come across as severely desperate men who have better to do with their time than type message every second of the day 24/7 like they are immobilized in a wheelchair or something. The men are very pushy and want to move fast which is an obvious red flag.

How about the same exact profile with various people's photos? There is a user named ** & ** named Hector that meets woman online, convinces them they are in an exclusive relationship, hiding or deleting his account until he can convince the woman to delete theirs. When he gets caught, he gets verbally abusive and being that he is a police officer, he will threaten to have you arrested for harassment if you keep asking for it.

These people have no idea men are using their photos. Once they do, he gets back online looking for more women. I actually contacted his Chief and was assured that the money would be paid and it still has not. He is a scam artist who uses women for sex and money.

I reported his profile to POF and it was no longer there after a few minutes.

I have also reported it to Ok Cupid and is still a user after numerous complaints.

I was on for 2 months and just decided it wasn't worth the trouble.

I complained to Ok Cupid but I have no idea what they do with the info sent to them.I have a folder filled with evidence that men on Ok Cupid steal photos to use on their profiles. I even contacted a businessman in Colorado to warn him that someone's using his photo.There were a few photos of Russian actors, a real estate person.They should offer the same Driver's License or Passport verification that International Cupid offers. He stated on his profile he was from Oregon and none of his person info filled out but then stated after that he was a sniper in Afghanistan in the Army if you believe that line. I realize that there are a lot of people who have many unpleasant experiences to report and I am no exception.Although my daughter and my friend both found nice people, both attest to the fact that they had to go through 100's and 100's of fake profiles because Ok Cupid does not screen anyone. However, if a company advertises a certain product, one expects a certain level of integrity behind the product and the services. He started cussing me out, calling me a ** and all. I spent about a year on the site and had to go through a few tossers before I finally met (and married) the right guy.Seriously, I stated in my profile exactly what I would not tolerate, but Ok Cupid doesn't even care. Obviously a free service is useful only to scammers and con-artists. We are friends with two other married couples who also met on Ok Cupid.


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