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She puts on a good act in the public eye, but behind the scenes she hasn't been very good to me. She refuses to see my point of view on anything, and will disagree just for the sake of disagreeing, which has left a negative impact on my morale. He called me the next evening and we were on the phone for almost an hour and things were fine. I emailed him and sent him a text message but no reply. Well, my Capricorn wife made yet another stupid abusive move.

The bad news is that it's safe to say you've offended his ego somehow.

Perhaps a stray comment that he wasn't as good, clever, sexy, intelligent etc as someone else? Comparison to an ex who was better in some way would be about the ultimate insult.

I'm hoping from this you can figure out what it was you said or did, because... Take back whatever it was you said, pretend you were joking, whatever it takes..

I've been dating my Leo boyfriend for just under six weeks.

We had a fall out yesterday (no argument) and now he won't respond to my texts or emails. I can't wait for another week or so before we talk.

All he has said is that we can talk about it after Christmas. I've fallen in love with him and don't want this to end. (I'm a Capricorn woman) Leos are typically pretty tough characters, and are often very aggressive, playful and competitive - almost daring insults sometimes.But, especially when younger, they can have a really hard time dealing with perceived personal criticism from someone they respect.convince him you didn't mean it (shouldn't be hard, as he half won't believe it anyway).Failing that, find a big list of other reasons to compliment him.Capricorns are almost opposite in this respect - tough on the inside, and soft on the outside - which is one reason the combination often starts off fairly poorly but has excellent long term potential, if you can get over the hump and start to learn from each others strengths.This probably won't be the last time you have to massage his ego to get to that point, so look on it as good practice! She tends to be very stubborn and argumentative and likes to spew sarcasm and make comments that really annoy me (a lot of them under her breath). She hasn't learned even after all these years you can't talk that way to me first thing in the morning- it messes up my whole day. I eventually texted him (8 days later) and he was really happy to talk to me. I went to see him that night and things were back on again. I emailed him the day later and he said he'd been on the phone all night and it was just engaged. But then when I tried to call him that evening, it was the same again.


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