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I had many many relationships before I met my husband. While I do not compare any of my past relationships to my husband, I do regret not coming into the marriage pure.

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It is very selfish to use someone for your own romantic pleasure when you have no intention of POSSIBLY marrying them eventually. I personally think that it's pointless to date unless you are at a point in your life were you are ready for marriage, and you are serious about a person. If you're the kind of girl/guy that only dates one person in your life and then marries them maybe that is fine.

Before then, I think it's best to spend your single years growing closer to God and serving Him! I personally think that it's pointless to date unless you are at a point in your life were you are ready for marriage, and you are serious about a person. BUT if you date more than one person in your life time, which most people do, he pretty much says you have no hope to ever give all of yourself to your husband/wife because of your past choices, which is total crap and can be very detrimental to someones mind and it's also absolutely false.

I would also recommend Before You Meet Prince Charming. I first read these books when I was 17 and I am so thankful I did or I could have ended up in a very bad place!!!

Dating doesn't really give you a real taste of what a person is really like anyway if you ask me.

I wouldn't recommend this book to my friends, my daughters, my nieces, or anyone else.

As a person who dated throughout high school and college with little to no supervision, I say it is better to leave dating out.

As a mother of two daughters one early 20's and one mid teens and one son early 20's, I say most definately leave dating out.

I had always thought about no dating but this book helped make that happen. There aren't any guys in my school that are Christians who don't have g i r lfriends already. I don't date because I don't run into many women who are smart enough to date. I guess if your preference is to court rather than date that's fine...

But lately I've been feeling like I'm the only one out there that isn't dating. And I just can't picture myself actually DATING, what with my personality. I also assume we're talking about serious dating, not casual. I had always thought about no dating but this book helped make that happen. Veronica Belmont is smart enough, and before that was 2 years ago. I'm a Christian married woman and read this book before I met my husband and was attending an amazing Christian college which I loved and still do love.

But yeah, you're not the only one out there who doesn't date. I have no problem with casual dating, but I've been serious before and I'm just not ready for it yet. But lately I've been feeling like I'm the only one out there that isn't dating. I would also recommend Before You Meet Prince Charming. Willing to wait on the LORD for His perfect timing in my life and in the life of the man I will marry. However, this book was maybe my least favorite part of going to school there.

Does anyone e..." I think it's silly to date "just for the sake of dating," or "just because I want the EXPERIENCE of dating," or something vague and pointless like that. :) it is directed mainly at young ladies (or still single ladies), but single guys could read it too. 'Cause really, if you think about it, if you rush into a relationship and your heart gets emotionally involved with Mr. Right) before either of you are actually ready to commit to marriage, you will either marry and end up miserable, or go through enough emotional trauma to equal going through a divorce! I'll leave my future in the Hands of the Perfect Matchmaker. After reading this book I still chose to date instead of court (actually I don't really see a difference) but that's just my preference and if someone has a different opinion on that than I do that's fine.


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