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Your serial number function can take any format that you would like it to have.

The Retry Limit property lets you set how many failed attempts are allowed.

For example, if you only want users to be able to try entering a serial number three times, type in this field.

After the third failed attempt, the installation exits.

For the Validate Function property, enter the name of the function within your file that validates the serial number provided by the end user.

Your file should return a specific value every time it is run.

The example included with in the Success Return Value field.

When you write your own file, the success return value can be whatever you choose, as long as it is non-zero.

\Validate Serial Number In this example, the serial number must take the following format: Field1-1505-XXXXXXXXXX The first section must appear as it does above, although it is not case-sensitive.

The second section, 1505, must be a number evenly divisible by 5 (for example, 1111 would not work).

The last section can be any 10 alphanumeric characters.

Keep in mind that this format is merely an example.

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