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Special thanks go to Sean Sullivan, who provided the initial list of links and who continues to provide valuable input, and to Brendan Macmillan, to whose list of links I shamelessly helped myself and who also helped me understand and categorize tools for working with XML and objects.XML data binding is the binding of XML documents to objects designed especially for the data in those documents.This allows applications (usually data-centric) to manipulate data that has been serialized as XML in a way that is more natural than using the DOM. In particular, XML data binding products support some way to map an XML schema (in the form of a DTD or XML Schema document) to an object schema (or vice versa).

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As a result, information may be out of date and products may no longer be available.

If you are interested in a product whose link does not work, search for it on the Web, as product pages frequently change and products/companies are frequently sold.

This is a list of resources about XML data binding.

All XML data binding products can round-trip elements, attributes, and text, as well as the hierarchical relationships among them.

However, most XML data binding products cannot preserve anything else, such as comments or entity references.

(A notable exception to this is XMLBeans, which is designed to round-trip XML documents.) As a general rule, this is not a serious problem, since applications that use XML data binding tend to be interested only in the data in an XML document, rather the way in which it is represented.

For a more complete explanation of XML data binding, see the papers below.

XML data binding products have a number of limitations, although most of these are not serious in practice.

The first set of limitations are round-tripping limitations.

These are limitations on what is preserved if an XML document is round-tripped through an XML data binding product -- that is, its contents are transferred from an XML document to a set of objects and back again.


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