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Due to these variances in HTML support for some email clients, you might find yourself using hacks, deprecated elements or unstandardized code to get your design rendering correctly.

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This shows a genuine or loyal behavior of an organization towards its customers.

Here we bring up in front of you the PHP contact form with validation feature.

In our previous blogs, we have applied Java Script and // Initialize variables to null. Name: $name E-mail: $email Purpose: $purpose Message: $message This is a Contact Confirmation mail.

$name =""; // Sender Name $email =""; // Sender's email ID $purpose =""; // Subject of mail $message =""; // Sender's Message $name Error =""; $email Error =""; $purpose Error =""; $message Error =""; $success Message =""; // On submitting"; $headers = "Form"; /* Let's prepare the message for the e-mail */ $msg = "Hello! We Will contact You as soon as possible."; $msg1 = " $name Contacted Us.

HTML validators are invaluable tools for people that write code.

They can let you know if there are any errors present that might cause display issues and give you some clues for debugging.

Validators do this by checking your code against a specification, or a set of rules for the language that your code was written in.

These specifications make up what is commonly referred to as “web standards.” The trouble is that most email clients don’t support web standards and instead only support a hodgepodge of HTML and CSS.

Validating HTML for email can be tricky–read on for our how-to guide.


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