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The organization currently has an impressive line-up of sponsors and suppliers that includes Nike, Hershey, Visa, BMW, UCS, Gatorade, Rosetta Stone, University of Phoenix, St. This surge in revenue has coincided with a hefty increase in the number of track meets broadcast on television and TV ratings.Our sport has upwards of 40 national TV broadcasts in any given year, and average Nielsen ratings for track and field broadcasts are higher than those of the NHL, the WNBA and Major League Soccer.In addition to securing national TV coverage, USA Track & Field has worked with ESPN, NBC, Fox Sports Net, Universal Sports, ESPN3 and the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) to bring same-day, prime-time coverage of major international events to the American airwaves throughout the summer season.

Led by President Stephanie Hightower and CEO Max Siegel, USATF is a volunteer-driven, not-for-profit organization with a staff of professional program administrators at the National Office in Indianapolis. When we say that USATF is a "Sport for Everyone ... Just a few of the ways we serve our sport include: Nearly 100,000 Americans are members of USATF. Fifty-seven USATF Associations oversee the sport and its 2,500 clubs at the local level.

Mission USA Track & Field drives competitive excellence and popular engagement in our sport. Pushing Ahead Although our sport traces its roots back to ancient Greece, USATF is on a mission to put track & field at the cutting edge of the 21st-century sports scene.

In 1999, USATF began a series of elite competitions that gives American athletes what they've requested for years - to compete at home, to receive increased television and other media coverage, and to be paid significant prize money based on performance.

Mission Huntington Junior College is a comprehensive, open-admission private institution based in Huntington, West Virginia serving students globally.

Committed to ensuring student learning, validating student outcomes, and promoting academic excellence as evidenced by graduate success in employment or lifelong learning.

About USATF USA Track & Field (USATF) is the National Governing Body for track & field, long-distance running and race walking in the United States.

USATF encompasses the world's oldest organized sports, the most-watched events of Olympic broadcasts, the No.

Known in previous years as the Golden Spike Tour and Visa Championship Series, beginning with the indoor season in 2013, USA Track & Field started the USATF Championship Series.

For the first time in the history, all events during the 2013 indoor season featured live coverage, which marked a significant moment as USA Track & Field’s broadcast platform continues to move forward.


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