Valid reason for backdating jsa

You can inform the DWP that you may wish to independently check with the GMC that the medical reasons are consistent with medical best practice.Where appropriate, you should stress to the DWP that in order for a valid assessment to be made the "qualified" healthcare professional should contact your GP and or Consultants for details. You are not medically qualified to diagnose or assess yourself.

You need to know who is responsible for deciding whether a face to face meeting is necessary.

You can inform the DWP that you may wish to independently check with the GMC that the individual is qualified.

You should insist that the "qualified" healthcare professional provides you in writing the medical reasons why they feel a face to face meeting is essential.

This website provides information on how Atos runs its business, extracts from the Contract between the DWP and Atos including the MEDICAL CONDITIONS that mean a face to face medical assessment is not always necessary, ASSESSMENTS AND POINTS, the breaches of Contract that occurred in my case, my unsound medical report and the correspondence showing how difficult it is to obtain justice or advice.

The Government is inviting the public to submit petitions.

Search for "DWP" or "Atos" or "disabled" to list relevant petitions including Stop and review the cuts to benefits and services which are falling disproportionately on disabled people, their carers and families (

Other ongoing petitions are Petition against constant vilification of sick and disabled claimants and Petition to "Sack Atos Immediately" . I have published here the true account of my dealings to date with Atos Healthcare.

You may conclude that Atos Healthcare has been negligent, neglectful and incompetent.

It has been months and there is no end in sight, I hope that you will take the time to read through each letter and reply.

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