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Desperate was something that I was not, and I definitely didn’t want that title attached to my name.

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The truth is, you can meet someone the old-fashioned way and they can turn out to be a Dr. Hyde type of person just like someone you may meet online. The difference is personal preference on how you want to date.

Many people are just way too busy to date the old fashioned way.

Online dating is way more convenient for the person on the go. You’re just using the internet as an avenue or resource just like searching for a new job.

This summer I learned more about a completly new (for me) science. Not that I'd never heared about it, but I had never possibility to explore it closely.

I did not belive, numerology can be too real for one simple reason: numbers maybe not but alphabet is too young in this world. I don't remember the author and the name of the book.

I think it's unpossible to connect the "young" and different alphabets with the Intention of the Universe. If you search on B&N you could probably find something; but use Barnes and Noble coupons to buy your book.It was a very clear explanation what to do and how to do and what it meens.I had nothing to do in the evenings, was too tired to do something serious, so I passed the time with this book.And I believed there is something intereting in numerology too. I remember the time when I would turn my nose up at the thought of online dating.There used to be a stigma behind dating online, and that stigma was you were pretty much desperate.


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