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This fix should help many of you use 1 channel again, also make sure to watch the entire video as I mention how you can fix the performance as well.

Take a look at the below video as you will see that the link is working and the addon is behaving very fast and improves allot of issues The Addon instruction below is also for your info Repo url for the TKNorris Repo Fusion Repo url Domain Url used in this video Links below have been reported dead but you can give them a go or Http://or https://primewire.Recommend you use VPN for permanent fix in the future VPN URL to purchase software – Clear Cache Guide Please subscribe to my other You Tube channels for latest updates as well.

When I got to my new school this year and they were handing out our @email addresses, I noticed that they had stopped using Microsoft Exchange and started using Microsoft’s new service

On the next screen you should see a list of DNS records you need to add on your domain registrar.

This looks complex, but it is very simple and if you get stuck at any time during this process, you can always call your domain registrar and they will be able to help you.

You will need to add an MX record to handle your mail: One of the coolest things about Outlook is the ability to access your mail at a subdomain.

If you are like me and do not have a Live account, you can visit com to sign up for one.

It doesn’t matter if the email you create is @or @as we will be setting up a custom one anyway.

Now that you have a Windows Live account, you should visit com and add your domain name that you want to set the email address up with.In my case, I want my email to be [email protected], so I would add the domain Regardless, setting up my email address on my Android phone and in Apple Mail was a breeze and it got me wondering if I would be able to move my custom domain email over to instead of using my web host’s servers.As I was curious, I started doing some research and found Amit Agarwal’s tutorial about how to set up Outlook with a custom domain, similar to the way that Google Apps works.After completing the tutorial I found that I really like Microsoft’s service and so I decided I would share with you how to properly set up a custom email with Outlook (and add some details that Amit left off).As I am a Mac and Apple user, I have never made a Hotmail, Windows Live, Xbox Live, or any such Microsoft account.


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