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They are released as a part of MAFIA(Metasploit Anti Forensic Investigation Arsenal).

webscanner, smtp scanner, ipv6 scanner, android trojans, stealth keyloggers, stealth remote control software undetectable by AV, vpn scanner, dns scanner, inside out tools to fetch data within protected environments, tunneling tools, penetration checklists etc. etc.dns-information-gathering-tool - This tool do an information gathering based on a domain name.

- Google Project Hostingandroid-security-demo-app - app and webserver to demonstrate how to control a remote phone via webserver - Google Project Hostingipv6-portable-portscanner - windows standalone portable portscanner ipv6 - Google Project Hostingsmtp-security-scanner - This tool identifies various vulnerabilities on a remote SMTP server (testing the remote SMTP deamon as well as external DB's).

- Google Project Hostingswat-web-security-scanner - windows scanner to identify sensitives web server files, methods etc.

Metasploit has a great collection of tools for anti forensics, making the forensic analysis of the compromised computer little difficult.

Metasploit has consistently ranked among the top ten since its inception and currently ranks second.

That should give you some idea of how important Metasploit is in the security community.Metasploit is a self-described "framework" for cyber exploitation.This is my first contribution in an ongoing series on detailing the best free, open source hacking and penetration tools available.My goal is to show you some of the quality tools that IT security experts are using every day in their jobs as network security and pen-testing professionals.There are hundreds of tools out there, but I will focus and those that meet four key criteria: Metasploit is among the most widely used exploitation tools in the hacking/security field.It's used by both novices and advanced professionals. Org, run by Fyodor, the founder of Nmap, annually surveys security professionals for their opinion on the top security software.


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