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You can obtain the most recent virus definitions (also known as protection files or pattern files) from Symantec in several ways.

Running Live Update (the first option below) is usually the easiest and most effective, but other options are available.

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Hello All, We are about to roll out SEP (symantec enterprise protection) to both our Win and Mac machines on campus.

Based on some of the other posts I have SEP packaged and included the "sylink.xml" file based on if they are labs or workstations to auto join our SEP 12 management server.

I have some questions though on what others are doing for updates and scanning as well as my package.

We are evaluating the option to replace Sophos AV with SEP 12.1 and are looking for deployment answers as well.

What we know so far is that the SEP Manager Server should be set up to provide definition updates to multiple Group Update Providers (GUP's) on the Windows side and then we "may" need to stand up several Live Update Administrator Servers (LUAS) for the Mac side.

At present, we don't have either of these in place and are still just using the SEPM server to generate installation packages for Win32, Win64 and Mac OS X for early testing. We were told that only three LUAS machines were needed for nearly 20,000 Macs, and that's only if pointing them all directly to Symantec for updates seems to generate too much traffic.It took me a little while to figure the whole process out, but I was able to create a silent install by putting the additional resources folder and the Symantec Endpoint installer in an embedded folder like private\tmp\sep12.12.On this page: (10.5 through 10.7.x) is available from IUware (requires Indiana University Network ID).The University Information Security Office (UISO) recommends that you update your virus definitions daily, and scan your computer weekly. Live Update will download the virus definitions from Symantec's site.Back to top Symantec's Intelligent Updater is an alternative to Live Update for obtaining the most recent virus definitions.Intelligent Updater is less convenient to use than Live Update, because it is a manual process.

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