scorpio female dating gemini male - Updating light fixtures with spray paint

Patience took a long vacation, and I hit the wall a few months ago, and thought I have nothing to lose….. The only thing it would cost me was my time and a can of spray paint! Unfortunately, this simple little project took on a life of its own.Learn from me……do as I say….what I did, and you will have some revitalized light fixtures for just pennies on the dollar!Another bonus, you will save the land-fill from another discarded ‘builders grade’ product! Happens to be in the den…….which I am slowly trying to convert into an awesome office! After unscrewing the bottom ‘nut’ and taking the globe off, I found that the base was NOT coming free from the ceiling. Nah……after a few choice words (okay, a lot of choice words and door slams), I decided to just do it anyway!

updating light fixtures with spray paint-36

I sprayed 2 coats of primer onto the ceiling fixture.

Let each coat dry according to the instructions on the can. You can literally spray any surface your little heart desires!!

I am a huge fan of Oil Rubbed Bronze, and Rust-Oleum has never failed me in the past.

I taped off the ceiling with painter’s tape, and then taped up some newspaper.

Looks like a globe, or even a mushroom, but the goal was to protect the ceiling and walls at all costs……even if it does look very dorky!!

As you can see, I also taped off the openings to the light sockets…I was already being insane….didn’t want to add any problems down the road.I also put a grocery bag over the light sockets for additional protection.Have you ever been so fed up with your light fixtures, that you just want to run screaming from the room?I am way past that point and have slowly been changing out the lights over the years!Anything would be better than the shiny brass gleaming down at me the past 12 years! If only I had the budget to get rid of them all at once!Since that is not my reality, I just had to practice a little patience.


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