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The United States Customs and Immigration Service (USCIS) issues the Permanent Resident Card, or I-551, informally known as the "green card," to those immigrants holding resident status in the United States. law requires that your I-551 carry your current legal name.The card carries vital information as well as a photograph; in the case of a name change due to marriage you must apply for a new card. You do not have to replace the card if you do not change your name after the marriage.

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The filing fee as of 2011 was $450, which includes both a $365 filing fee and a charge of $85 for the biometric data. After filing the I-90, you will receive an appointment letter for an appearance at an Application Support Center.

You may e-file the application online at the USCIS website, or mail the paper form to USCIS, P. A government subcontractor operates this center, which will be located close to your home or in the nearest large city.

You must bring a certified copy of the marriage certificate, or a court order, reflecting the name change.

The Application Support Center will take biometric data, including a fingerprint and a photograph, that will be present on the new green card.

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If the application is approved, your replacement I-551 will arrive in the mail within a few weeks.

You must destroy the old I-551, which is no longer valid.

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