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This website provides a single location for federal contracting officers to use in obtaining appropriate Service Contract Act (SCA) and Davis-Bacon Act (DBA) wage determinations (WDs) for each official contract action.

The website is available to the general public as well.

Guidance in selecting WDs from this website is provided in the User’s Guide.

A percentage of revenue from purchases made by SEAFC members through GPO negotiated contracts is returned to state chiefs associations in order to support its activities.

About: “Fire Rescue GPO is a program of National Purchasing Partners Government Division (NPPGov), a national cooperative purchasing organization.

Fire Rescue GPO provides your fire department and its members access to aggressively priced contracts with vendors who supply goods and services to the fire service.

The Program and the User’s Guide does not relieve the contracting officer or other program user of the requirement to carefully review the contract or solicitation, federal acquisition regulations, and/or DOL regulations related to these actions.

Where the contracting officer selects a SCA or DBA WD using the Program and DOL later determines, whether before or after contract award, that the appropriate SCA or DBA WD was not incorporated in a covered contract, the contracting officer, within 30 days of notification by DOL, shall include in the contract the applicable WD issued by DOL.

Negotiated supplier contracts that offer major cost savings on capital projects and everyday purchases. Vendors pay a fee based on total sales to support program administration.

The Fire Rescue-GPO program is committed to serving firefighters by: Fire Rescue-GPO supports the activities of SEAFC through a revenue-sharing agreement.

In some instances, the Program will not contain the appropriate SCA WD, and contracting officers will be directed to use DOL’s e98 website in order to obtain the required SCA WD.

DOL will provide the contracting officer with an SCA WD through the e98 system.

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