Online chat with hot girls for free - Updating firmware dap1360

If you have the firmware thats entirely seperate story.

I would avoid using old firmware there are TWO MAJOR exploits that have been released in the last 2 years in the wild that effect LITERALLY EVER ROUTER on the market. Has to do with upnp being visable outside of your local network. I am more worried about the wps exploit that allows somebody to brute force your wps key to access your local network. I update an upgrade of the firmware rev B 2.14 form this link:

Im not sure if I should trust this, but anyways I only turn on this router when there are visits at home.

I have a dap 1360 and made a upgrade to version 2.11.

Now if I set up an access point with it I cant use the integrated DHCP server the device has.

When I go to the page where Enable DHCP Server was, its missing.

I noticed the option is there in HTML code but is inside a div with a hidden style. I should be adviced that this updrade would hurt me. You should be able to just provide the router the firmware and load the firmware.

Fix throught the wizard to finish a WEP Open connection then back to the setting page, the security mode is WEP Shared. Fix user can’t make a WPS connection in repeater mode.6.

Fix the bug about input empty password can not login before input error password in login page.8. Fix backup mode MAC address same as normal mode.10.

Fix the st_page about do not showing Default Gateway in WISP mode.11.

Fix the page about checking current IP and default gateway to be the same subnet.12. This version has been updated a new wireless driver and with D-Link changes the version number.

D-Link DAP-1360 REV C Firmware is listed for D-Link DAP-1360 REV C Wireless and Bluetooth.

The downloads is developed and published by D-Link for Wireless and Bluetooth.

Total 3 downloads for Firmware update can be downloaded from Open Drivers and installed for Windows driver operating system to support and start your devices.


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