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2) System Updates are provided via the internet, so if your Wii is connected to the internet, you can tell your console to "phone home" for lack of a better term, and the updates are downloaded directly to your console from Nintendo.

updating a modded wii-13

They come with everything you need, wiimote and nunchuk along with a classic controller or gamecube controller (depends what I have in at the time) I can put a neo geo emulator on it, i dont currently have any roms for it though and the sd card wouldn't have any space for them as it stands.

It would be easy for you to take off what you don't want and add what you like though Quick thanks to Bambero - picked up a system from him this weekend, with my choice of Wii and Emulator games on board.

Demonstrated it working for me, looking forward to taking it for a spin this week.

Just wanted to bump this back up as I got a modded Wii console of bambero and I am very happy with the end product.

Very easy to navigate the menus and easy to add roms via the inc SD card.

It makes the little Wii much more versitile and an easy option to play older games on a newer tv. : D When you say "playing it online", do you mean multiplayer games, or just going online for e.g. We've got a Wii U that's never been used for online multiplayer, which I'm thinking of getting rid (giving my 360 to my daughter, getting a PS4 or XB1 myself).

Can't remember the last time we played anything on it, we just use it for Youtube (since the Youtube app on the TV was "killed" by a Youtube update some months back ).

But if it's moddable like a Wii as you suggest...would you do a modding-only service?

Your Wii has an operating system, just like your computer does, and this is called your System Menu.


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