dating guwahati assam - Updating a modded 360

Read the first link in my sig, and it will point you in the right direction.

updating a modded 360-86

You can learn more about it here (Opens in new window).

The Brook Super Converter comes in its own professionally designed box.

In the box is the device; paper instructions are also included in English and Taiwanese.

In addition, the Brook Super Converter is firmware upgradeable, which can be used to improve functionality, and add new features.

Firmware updates are performed by attaching your device to a Windows PC, or Mac with Boot Camp partition or Parallels Virtual PC software.

As of now, the Brook Super Converter is allowed by EVO, one of the most popular global tournament events.

Often EVO's policies are adopted at smaller tournaments.

You can also download the instructions as a PDF from the Support tab.

Wait until it says it is done, and then reboot the xbox.

This requires you to open the latest dashlaunch installer on the xbox with the updserv option enabled under configurator, then downloading the 17150 usb update, and xebuild files with j-runner. set dash version, latest is 17150, make sure it installs dashlaunch by default, and hit the update button.

I personally use j-runner for all system updates, with the xebuild updserv option.

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