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Solar Alpha Unit Operative Solar is looking for nothing but a good time.When he finds himself taking part in a mission to break up an illegal alien bride trading ring, he’s all in.Getting saddled with a human chick makes it even better.

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It’s his duty to see her safely back to planet Earth–the only problem is, he’s torn between wanting to ravish her and toss her out of the air lock.

Eclipse Breaking up an illegal alien bride smuggling ring was harder than seasoned Alpha Unit Operative Eclipse imagined.

This broody vampire just wants to finish the objective and then stay tucked away from the universe, but the Earth woman he recused doesn’t understand the meaning of personal space and has made it her mission to bring sunshine to his otherwise dark existence.

He persuaded the girl to get in a taxi to his house where they had sex.

“The Dublin Rape Crisis Centre would warn potential users of these apps that there are perpetrators using these apps to prey on vulnerable people and to be as security conscious as possible and not to share personal data with anyone until they are sure about those they are communicating with,” O’Malley Dunlop said.

“We would strongly encourage users to report offences, and seek support if they become a victim of any type of crime.” The Rape Crisis Centre helpline number is 1800 778 888.

Interstellar Alpha Unit From the creator of the bestselling series The Immortal Ops comes Interstellar Alpha Unit.

THE DUBLIN RAPE Crisis Centre has expressed concern about the 36% increase last year in victims being accompanied to the sexual assault treatment unit in the Rotunda Hospital in 2015.

CEO of the charity, Ellen O’Malley Dunlop said the figures still have to be fully analysed but noted that in the UK, 400 offences including rape, child sex grooming and attempted murder have been connected by police to dating apps.


  1. The minute he opens his mouth, the reason will be clear.#2: Make it clear to the other person--and yourself--up front that what you're having is a tryst. Don't go out for dinner with the person, or for drinks.

  2. Familiarize yourself with the Muslim religion outside of conversations with your partner.

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