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manage to be strong, but still femine, to enjoy inner freedom but still be happy when they are married, to be loving, but still rather strict mothers and just to be great companions in the life boat? We don't know either, but if you are a reliable family oriented single man and your choice is a happy marriage with the Russian woman you love, who adds wonder to your life - you are going to search for a Ukrainian wife...

Everybody knows that Ukrainian girls are the best in the world...

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There may be various reasons why you are searching for a partner in CIS country, and why Russian women are looking for a husband abroad.

It could be classified as a combination of cultural, economic, political, personal factors in a great way influenced by mass culture and mass media.

Anyway in each case the reasons would be different and any standards can appear to be incorrect.

Based on our experience we would like to give some pieces of advice to those who started this endeavor and help them foresee the factors and analyze risks they might have not considered from the start.

You will get an interesting experience from communication with our psychologist, Russian girls, beauty of architecture, soft climate and rest will stay in your heart.

You can be sure that ALL the Russian Girls and women you meet at our socials are extremely interested in finding a Western man When you browse the catalogues the 1st thing that makes a great impression is an outstanding beauty of the women at pictures. We have a certain policy that no photos are edited in order to improve a woman's appearance.

But you should also take into consideration that before photo session a woman puts make up and is dressed up to look her best.

It ishardly possible to look that glamorous in every day life...Internet dating it self is different from that in usual life, but dating a person from another country, with different life style, mentality, culture is a lot more different and requires patience, understanding, flexibility and tolerance.

Internet pages are full of sad and happy stories about international marriages, and we wish your personal story and your life with your loving Russian wife to be happy.

The 1st thing you should do is to analyze your expectations.

What you expect from a woman, your partner, a Russian woman in particular.

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