Two gay capricorns dating

Have you ever met someone and had the feeling that you’ve known them before?

Not in a “your face looks familiar” kind of way, but rather felt an inexplicable familiarity when you look into that person’s eyes?

Perhaps you’ve shared many lives with them or just one.

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Not everyone we encounter has a soul contract with us, though.

If you have a particularly deep soul connection, there will be a “freeze-frame” memory of the first moment you met that person.

In other words, as we later reflect back upon the first time we met a particular person, we have a clear “picture” in our mind of all of the circumstances of that moment when that person first entered our lives.

Signs you’ve met a soulmate: Soul mate relationships, while wonderful, are almost never pain-free.

Before we’re born into this life, we make agreements – soul contracts – with other souls and agree to learn certain lessons from each other.

We may establish a soul agreement with someone in order to awaken a particular facet of our soul that up to that point in time had laid dormant.

We may be here in this lifetime to work through karmic issues we shared with this soul in another life (or several).

Most of us have many soul mates (they can be a friend, partner, sibling, co-worker).

These people are brought into our lives to help us grow and as a result, they often challenge us more than others.

When you find a soulmate it’s not just all jumping on clouds and smiling as you gaze into each other’s eyes for hours (though there is some of that).

Lots of growth takes place when you find such a soul.


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