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If you have this locales in your system:en_US/ISO-8859-1en_US.

UTF-8/UTF-8es_ES/[email protected]/ISO-8859-15es_ES. UTF-8/[email protected]/UTF-8and use setlocale('es_ES'), the result will use the iso-8859-1 charset even if you have all your system, files and configuration options in UTF-8. The definition of locales can change from one system to another, and so the charset from the results. Note that, the iconv first parameter is ISO-8859-2 not ISO-8859-1, because the locale is hungarian which uses 8859-2 codepage as default. If you want use the same code for Windows and Linux platforms, the second one is the right option (the iconv trick), but the locale configuration must be different (Linux: hu_HU, windows: hun_hun), but in that case the UTF8 tag is not needed for the Linux config.

To receive content in UTF-8, in this example, you need to use setlocale('es_ES. more fixed Problems while uing strftime in win32-systems.

There are problems with "%e" - example (in HTML or webapp): [grab from database]...

$dbase_stored_date = "2007-03-15"; $display_html_date = format_date($dbase_stored_date); ...

displays as "03/15/2007" example (saving form via on POST/GET): $update_date = format_date($_POST['display_html_date'], 'mysql-date'); // converts back to '2007-03-15' ....

[your mysql update here] Don't forget to sanitize your POST/GET's =) The following function implements the conversion specifiers which are not supported on Win32 platforms:(Note: the specifiers %V, %G and %g can be implemented using other functions described in this section) Function strftime() use the locales installed in your system (linux).

If you are like me and only leave in the system the locales you use normally (en_US and your own language locale, like es_ES), you'll only be able to use the locales installed.

If your application is translated to other languages, you need these locales too.

The name of the locale in your system is important too.

This can be a problem when you want to distribute the app.


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