Private erotic sex chat - Trouble updating service pack 3

I would like to note that in Windows 8, the only way to access the update is from an open Dragon, and that there are no options to download separately and that, for me at least, it always fails.

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Graham But the first message does not mention the size.

Do you consider it dangerous to add another warning?

Will everyone read the long note before they come across hit "check for updates" button? I read what was written, closed Dragon and now I have a program that refuses to open.

We are happy to announce that the Dragon Naturally Speaking 12.5 Service Pack is now available for download!

For information and steps on how to download the Dragon Naturally Speaking 12.5 Service Pack, please see Technote 7001: "General information about the Dragon Naturally Speaking 12.5 Service Pack".

The download size is given in the link above on General Information About 12.5!

It is best to Read the Instructions carefully (whether in doubt or not) before downloading and installing.

The message is Naturally speaking isn't completely installed. I suppose I have 'paid the price' Mark The download is approximately 500MB in size, so depending on your connection speed it could take some time to download.

Please note that it is very important to exit Dragon before attempting to install the Service Pack.

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