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All the services are new to the Pokémon bandwagon, so it is too soon to say their efforts will come to no avail.

Co-founders of the app, Pim de Witte, Rene Roosen, and Troy Osinof stated that they came up with the idea when Rene was looking for a date, but also wanted to go Pokémon hunting.

Poke Match’s App Store numbers show that it still has a way to go to become anywhere near as popular as Tinder, much less Pokémon Go.

It’s too far down in the charts, meaning most users won’t happen upon it just by browsing the store.

Switching to Poké Dates dilutes the concept that original startup, Dine’s, placed a focus on culinary-infused meetups seems to not be a matter to the young startup.

Project Fixup, Chicago-based startup, arrived to use real people as matchmakers.

These helpers look at your online profile, pictures, and preferences then set you up on a real blind data with someone they believe to be a good fit. It wasn’t long before Project Fixup had competition in the Pokédates market.Poke Match, another startup, has rushed out a Tinder-like application where users swipe right on those people you want to “catch.” This gives you the ability to message each other, as it is done in most other dating apps.The only differences between the two apps are the fact that the only people who can join the app are those who are readily willing to play Pokémon Go together.But this is Wonkblog, and we won’t have any of that.Instead, we will explain a little bit about the economics of love—and specifically, what dating has in common with financial transactions. In a dating marketplace, everyone is trying to get the best match they can find.Somehow, as millions of people each pursue their own best interest, mutually beneficial arrangements result.


  1. But while you may be a boring dolt who is a complete drain on society, I’m a creative genius, and have perfected the art of openers.

  2. Consider the following true story: In the 1980s when the Soviet Union invaded Afghanistan there was a doctor named Robert Simon who was the head of the trauma medical center at UCLA.

  3. You are tough and strong, but have a hard time letting go and trusting people. You are very confident and believe in yourself--especially if no one else does.

  4. It's a good idea to have a few questions up your sleeve in case you dry up. Everyone knows that a couple of drinks make you feel relaxed, the problem is one to many drinks and what you may think sounds cool will sound more like a drunken slur to your date. Food - Be careful what you eat 24 hours before the event.

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