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It is widely viewed as the worst fiscal crisis since the Great Depression of the 1930s.

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This article explores the breadth and depth of the crisis and its specific impacts on local governments and their citizens.

It also examines how local governments responded to these fiscal challenges and identifies which actions governments implemented across the board and the targeted budget cuts taken during the economic recession.

It also examines the role of technology and transparency in the Obama Era in mounting citizen responses designed to address dire economic conditions in a way that we have never seen before.

This article discusses the organizational changes made through advances in technology, and—using events and revolutions in the Middle East as examples—favorably argues that governments with appropriate, transparent measures of accountability are more likely to receive support from citizens and financial communities for such measures.

Keywords: accountability; Barack Obama; financial crisis; local government; Middle East; social networking technology; targeted budget cuts; transparency George Amedee Movements Left and Right: Tea Party and Occupied Wall Street in the Obama Era (p 33-39) Abstract: The present article examines the two movements on the left and right that intensified under the Obama presidency in response to the economic crisis and the Wall Street bailout.

In addition to tracing the evolution of the movements and their similarities and differences in terms of race, gender, and class concerns, this article assesses the present and future viability of the two movements as important players shaping policies affecting race, gender, and class.

The author concludes that although the two movements came about because of similar concerns, there are clear differences in the focus of the two movements with their view of governmental and corporate entities of the society.

A) Election Processes, Politics, and Governance in the Obama Era B) Race, Gender and Class and Social Movement, Environmental Justice, Gender, Ethnicity, Culture of Poverty Issues Volume 20, Number 3-4, 2013. For many social and political scientists, race was a significant factor in the 20 presidential elections and continues to be significant today.

Amedee Introduction: Election Processes, Politics, and Governance in the Obama Era (p 3-6) Elgie C. The Politics of Race during the Obama Era (p 7-17) Abstract: In recent years various mainstream social and political scientists have argued that race is no longer a compelling factor in national politics, particularly since the election of President Barack Obama.


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